Susan Clay Smith


About the Artist

I developed an interest in playing in the mud as a child, and in my early teens I discovered through high school art classes that working with clay was intensely satisfying. A three year intensive program as a Ceramics major at Sheridan College School of Art & Design in Ontario furthered my skills and interest. I made Smithers, British Columbia my home shortly afterwards and it has remained my home base on and off in the years since.

I am interested in creating work that is unique, tells a story and brings beauty and pleasure into everyday life and rituals. My inspirations come from nature, my life-long love of rivers and oceans and many years of living in northern British Columbia.

I enjoy making both functional and sculptural work. My work is formed with a range of hand building techniques and wheel-work. Clay is a malleable and seductive material that invites exploration. When I begin a piece, I start with a general concept; the nature of the material invites playful interaction while developing the final form. In my recent work I am exploring a wide range of surface treatments, working with coloured slips and underglazes and printing techniques at both the greenware and bisque stage.