Shiney O’Neill


About the Artist

Beads became my passion while on a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. I made 3 items with a friend there and only made it home with 1 piece. There were not many beaders out there 14 years ago and I was on the cutting edge. During my first 3 years, I searched everywhere for beautiful beads from around the world and, complementing my love of travel, I decided to go to areas in the world that have produced beads for centuries. I wound up in Jablonex, Czech Republic. A touch of communism could still be seen in this small town, but the beauty that the local people gave to their love of creating new beads was incredible. I met with several producers there, steering me in direction that would not have discovered otherwise. I was told that many families, sometimes generations of families, produced hand-cut beads in their home, even producing seed beads. The people I met in the Czech Republic inspired me to look beyond normal outlets. I haunted antique shops everywhere I went to find the most perfect of all beads. In Austria, I went to the Swarovski factory outside of Innesbuck and watched the machines produced cut crystals. I moved on the Latvia to seek out amber along the Baltic Sea. I spent many days walking the beach and finding many small pieces of amber that I have used in many pieces I have produced. I also discovered that amber comes in many different colours and that it differs from amber found in Columbia or anywhere else. At the Grand bazaar in Istanbul I found streets lined with shops of stone beads as well as glass creations that Turkey in famous for. I spend hours with the locals gathering information of chrysocolla, jades, amethyst, agate, turquoise, and so many more. I call myself a Beady-eyed Lady and in my 14 years of working with beads, I found that my passion gives me great pleasure. I hope that each item I created will be treasured by someone who is attracted to the sparkle and beauty of each piece.