Pat Irving


About the Artist

​I have been “potting” for 42 years. I took lessons from Eva Bebington in the early 80s when her studio was the hub of the Terrace, BC, pottery scene. I continued to practice and learn from books and with my friends in various Terrace studios. A hobby snowballed into a lifestyle after I retired. I mainly make functional items…. I believe things should have a use rather than just looking good. Occasionally, I do some hand building, press molds and sculpture. I like to make animals and my love of owls gave me my business name, Night Owl Pottery. I especially like to create items that people have been looking for “forever” – in just the right size, the right colour and made to order. I have recently begun to teach students. This has opened up a very rewarding avenue for me. It is so much fun introducing clay and the magic of the wheel to new students. I look forward to meeting many new people at the Clay Artists of Terrace Society’s Community Studio.