Moyna Macilroy

Mixed-media Artist / Photographer / Glass Artist

About the Artist

​Moyna has lived on the North Coast of British Columbia most of her life. Originally a native of New Brunswick, Moyna moved to the Pacific Coast with her family at the tender age of 6 months. Moyna started in Victoria and from there moved to Butedale, an old fishing cannery. It was there that Moyna’s love of the outdoors began. After another stop on Aristazabal Island in a logging camp, Moyna finally ended up in Prince Rupert at the age of ten. It was here that Moyna’s love of the natural beauty surrounding her grew and flourished. Moyna has always collected items found on the beaches and in the forests of the Northwest. These findings and the environments influences have provided the inspirations for Moyna’s creations. You can usually find Moyna strolling on a beach with her husband, daughter and dog, a camera always close at hand. Share in one of the last temperate Rainforests of British Columbia and its wildlife as captured in one of Moyna’s photographs or bring home one of Moyna’s creations to remind you of your time spent in the timeless North coast.