Mitchell Brager

About the Artist

Mitchell Brager is a young man living with autism, who has found a way to connect with people through his Art. He is very literal when he draws and paints, he likes to work from photos on his iPad. He draws with black sharpies and paints with beautiful bright acrylic colours. Drawing is a very calming outlet for Mitchell and he is very focused when he is creating.

He enjoys snow skiing, horseback riding, swimming, skating and hiking but …his passion is for art. Mitchell has always liked houses so his mom started taking pictures of heritage houses for him to draw. He has created many paintings of buildings in their home town of Terrace as well as Prince Rupert, Port Edward and Stewart, British Columbia.

Mitchell’s family is very proud of his creations and wants to share them with others, so they have created some social media accounts. All of Mitchell’s paintings and his daily adventures can be seen on his Facebook and Instagram pages.