Mavis Glencross

Artist / Multi-media Artist / Fibre Artist

About the Artist

​Born in Prince Rupert and living there for most of her life, Mavis Glencross is a true north coaster. She has been involved in artistic endeavours from a young age. In elementary school she enjoyed drawing and art. By the time she was 12 she was sewing Christmas gifts and making her own clothes. Throughout high school she focused on art and sewing. She was one of the first female students to take woodworking at a time when girls didn’t usually do that kind of thing. Following high school she attended the University of Victoria. She earned a Bachelor of Education with a focus on Art Education and Library Science. Mavis is a multi-media artist, having worked with various forms of painting, potters, printmaking, weaving, quilting, etc. Recently she has focused on “fibre arts,” fibre being cloth, paper, wool, etc. Eclectic is the word that best describes where she has come from and where she is headed in her artistic endeavours as she is always open to trying and experimenting with new materials and new ideas. Having travelled extensively in Canada she gets her inspiration from her love of the country and the richness of the northern scenery. Children are another source of inspiration. Their ideas, imagination and interesting way of viewing and expressing their world add colour, brightness, and a simple nature that is show-cased in her work.