Marvin Kristoff

Woodworker / Pen Crafter

About the Artist

Pens from the Past – The name comes from the fact that most of the wood used in Marvin’ s pens is recycled from a past form. For example, the wood could be Maple from an old kitchen cutting board, Oak from an old shipping pallet, Juniper wood that was destined for the fireplace, or Boards taken from a shipwreck on the Queen Charlotte Islands. He also creates very popular pens made from discarded Hockey sticks.  When word spread that Marvin was turning out wood pens, more wood “came out of the woodwork” from his family and friends. Two commissioned pieces have been created from scraps from a new hardwood floor, and from an old Walnut tree on a family farm.  A screen printer by trade and a firefighter by career, Marvin lives in Prince Rupert with his son.