Laura Gilbert

Artist / Painter / Jeweller / Quilter

About the Artist

My creativity is both my best friend and my worst enemy, always has been and always will be.  Once a path of creative mojo begins for me, its journey is both unpredictable and unstoppable all the while inspiring and beautiful.

I tend to dapple in a variety of mediums, usually whatever I can justify as productive at a particular time in my life.  You know, the art of distressing and painting furniture in my 20’s when I was setting up house, mixing scraps of fabrics to make quilts for all of the precious bambinos arriving a few years later, or simply looking at something old and useless and bending my mind to create with it – my house is full of this.  I am also co-owner/designer of Gretel Designs, an enchanting jewelry line, but that story is for another time…

​Then there is Art Class… taking time away from my household, my husband, my three kids and dog, to intentionally be creative- something I think we should all allow ourselves to do a little more often- I am well aware that this is easier said than done.  At the moment I am exploring with encaustic painting at The Crow’s Nest Art Studio on a weekly basis and allowing the process to guide me.  Wax is an incredibly forgiving medium, and at times you really have to be willing to let go of all expectation because lets face it, melting wax doesn’t always go the ways you want it to and that in itself leaves a lesson to be learned.