​Larry Shkuratoff


About the Artist

​Larry Shkuratoff was born and raised in the Kootenays, in the Slocan Valley area. In 1978 he, his wife and his children moved to Terrace, BC. There Larry worked as a hand faller for twenty seven years. During that time, he had many serious logging accidents, in which the last was nearly fatal. Larry was unable to go back to falling, but still loved working with wood. He decided to continue his passion by creating wood bowls and platters as the process was enjoyable, and the finished product was rewarding. Larry was self taught and learned as he went. Making wood bowls was entertaining but strenuous, requiring time and patience. The first step of production was to find the right wood, that could be made into an appealing bowl, then cutting and packing the blocks out of the bush. The wood blocks would then be turned and shaped into a rough bowl, then they would need to season for a year. Once the wood is dry Larry can complete the bowl by shaping it and sanding it. He then brushes a food safe oil onto the bowl, and it is then ready for daily use, such as for salad. Many hours are put into these functional, yet attractive bowls.