Courtney Fairbrother

Clay by Courtney

About the Artist

Born and raised in northern Saskatchewan until my family moved to Kitimat BC in 2001 where I finished high school. Moved away for a few years and when my husband and I had our son, we knew we wanted to raise him in a small town where it was cheaper to live and where everyone knows pretty much everyone, so we moved back to Kitimat and have been since 2009.

Growing up, my family always did some form of art. My dad was into woodworking. My mom would toll paint, make beautiful flower arrangements and is a quilter now as well. We went into many fairs growing up in Saskatchewan. Our house would be consumed by pieces to paint or stain, much like my house now, pottery all over the house!

I don’t consider myself to be artistic, but I needed to find something to occupy my mind as my job at the time wasn’t great for my mental health. I scrolled through the Kitimat Leisure Guide and thought, hmmm I wonder what pottery is like. So I asked a friend if she wanted to join in… Due to Covid, the class kept being postponed until finally, May 2021 the restrictions were lifted and the beginner pottery class was a go!

I was hooked from the start, it was incredible for keeping my mind focused on learning all the many,many steps pottery has! Fast forward to now, my husband turned a spare bedroom into my own little studio, got myself a wheel and then I decided it was time to turn it into my own small business! I love working out of my home and selling at craft fairs, made to order and in storefront locations!

I am beyond humbled and thrilled to be pursuing my passion and being able to create a functional piece with my own hands for others to enjoy themselves!