Cecilia Grayon

Owner / Designer at Tribes

About the Artist

Cecilia Grayon is owner/designer of Tribes. She has over 35 years of experience in the fashion industry as an entrepreneur, designer and educator. She is the owner of a pattern design business called “Accufit Patterns” since 2000 doing free-lance patterns for many designers and manufacturers in Vancouver. She was also an instructor in the Fashion Arts Program at Vancouver Community College for 5 years before relocating to Prince Rupert in 2012.

Rosalie Temple is the thirteenth daughter of the well-established Nisga’a artist, Murphy Stanley Senior. She was born in Prince Rupert and a member of the killer whale clan. Rose attended and completed various programs at colleges in B.C. on art, fashion and design. She started her teachings of art and culture at the Kaien Island Friendship Society, honoring her ancestors by passing on her knowledge to others. “Tribes” combines her beautiful drawings of first nations art with well-styled clothing.

Tribes evolved when Cecilia and Rosalie’s talent connected while volunteering for the Salmonfest celebration in 2014, working on the quilt that consists of many first nations house crests, which is raffled off annually.
“Tribes” is a collection of north-coast first nations inspired fashions and accessories. It is a collaboration of art, exceptional fitting and unique details, all styled with movement. The focus is on integrating culture and nature of the North Coast with modern and sophisticated elements.