Anneh Kessels


About the Artist

Willow Bender
Originally from the Netherlands, Anneh Kessels now has her studio and willow farm next to the beautiful Bulkley River. She has found her way to Quick, BC, in a very round-about way, and is extremely happy to live and work in this great and lively community!

She enjoys working with natural materials collected locally. Nature is a great inspiration to her works, as well as functionality! Recently she started incorporating bulrush, birch bark, willow bark, spruce bark, driftwood and clay pottery into her basket adventures.

After finishing 6 years of education in The Netherlands, including an Art Program, Anneh has travelled extensively and has studied and practiced pottery, photography, felting, painting, weaving, silver smithing and basketry in different parts of the world.

Anneh has been making willow baskets for the last 16 years.
Initially book and self-taught on her baskets, in the last 4 years she has participated in lessons by renowned Basketry Professionals from Eastern and western Europe, The States and Canada.

Anneh enjoys going out and wild-crafting all her willows, bulrushes, spruce and birch along local rivers, streams and lakes. In addition to growing her own colorful basketry willows on the farm in Quick. After harvesting she cures, sorts and grades all her materials, before making them into traditional and one-of-a-kind baskets, sculptures, fences, gates, room dividers, lampshades and furniture.

In addition to creating, there is a great gifts in teaching to all ages and the workshops have become a big part of joy in life.

Wind in the Willows farm
Along the shores of the Bulkley River we are cultivating over 25 kinds of different colorful willow varieties on our farm.
We sell willow cuttings and rods in April every year, dried willow rods for weaving all year round ( if supplies last),a variety of baskets made by Anneh Kessels.
We also organize group or individual workshops and we love new challenges on willow structures, sculptures and furniture.